by jonl


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Sun, 28 Mar 2004, 19:12

As I mentioned to Joi when he was here, I started drinking again within a month after I signed on here, but it didn't seem to be a problem. I may have a blind spot about this potential problem, though. My curse is that I remain quite functional when I'm drinking. I'm not a Malcolm Lowry... I don't drink myself into complete oblivion. The effects are more subtle and creepy.

Anyway I'm drinking now (literally now, as I type), and I haven't posted here in a long time because I don't know how I feel about alcohol. If I stood in front of an AA meeting now, I wouldn't know what to say. "My name is Jon, and I'm conflicted."

They don't give chips for that.

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by Joichi Ito

I quit again too...

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Mon, 22 Mar 2004, 22:15

Halley, funny that you mention it... I actually experimented a bit with drinking the last few weeks. I tried drinking a few glasses of wine with meals, tried drinking at a party and tried drinking by myself before bed.

Drinking with a meal didn't seem so bad, like you, I didn't feel very good afterwards, although I did indeed enjoy it. The end of the meal made it easy to stop the drinking then and I didn't have an urge to drink after the meal.

I had a few beers at a party and that was OK too, but I realized that I didn't really need it and drinking enough to make the drinking fun (if that makes any sense), would be more than enough and therefore too much.

The worst was drinking by myself before bed. I drank too much, felt like crap afterwards and didn't really enjoy it at all.

The worst thing that has happened since I started "experimenting" is that my sleep cycle has gone out of whack and I am having insomnia and feel tired all day. With all of my travel this sucks.

So on that note, I'm going to "quit again" with you Halley and apologize for not having disclosed this here earlier. I wanted to try to do a bit more "analysis" on these experiments before I blogged this...

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by Halley Suitt

I Quit Drinking Again

in Social Issues

Mon, 22 Mar 2004, 17:26

Interesting to read the comments to my post about Red Red Wine below. They run the range from pro-drinking wildness to sober and wise words about quitting completely.

No amazing stories to tell here, just the simple facts. On nights when I drink even the smallest bit of wine, I'm so tired the next day, I find it hard to work out and hard to write. It just doesn't seem worth it. The notion of moderation is a good one -- that I could drink moderately and make a go of it -- but I feel like life's too short to miss any days of writing and exercising. So I'm "renewing my vows" here and giving it up for good, I hope. I'll be back to tell the tale.

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by Halley Suitt

Bush Quit Drinking

in Social Issues

Mon, 22 Mar 2004, 15:44

Allegedly, President Bush quit drinking after a 1976 DUI (driving under the influence) arrest, all on his own as many people do. There are stories about his daughters being big party girl drinkers as well. The interesting thing is how this actually endears many people to the President and his daughters. Many people like their "bad to the bone" image of big Texas hell-raisers.

One thing I noticed when I was not drinking was how uncomfortable this made many people. It was one of the things I least expected. I had the naive notion people would think better of me for not drinking, but I experienced the opposite.

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