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Sun, 11 Apr 2004, 18:45

A wire story about college drinking from Yahoo! News has this rather upsetting quotation in it,

Aaron White, an assistant research professor at Duke University who studies student drinking, said, "Half of all the Duke students surveyed have had at least one blackout and don't remember what they did. The things that students do range from vandalizing property to getting raped."




Apr 12, 2004 11:40:15 AM
1 - Drew Mabry

I did some crazy shit in college - along with a bunch of other people. the weird thing is, a lot of people simply stopped partying when they wanted, while I couldn't - it seems my 'off' switch is broken - and I think It's 1/3 genetic, 1/3 socialization, and 1/3 mental illness. But hey - if I'm really crazy, then what the hell do I know?

A Joke:

What's the difference between a normal person, a crazy person, and an alcoholic?
- A normal person knows that 1+1=2
- A crazy person knows that 1+1=3
- An alcoholic knows that 1+1=2, but something about is just pisses them off.