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Still Quitting

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Thu, 24 Feb 2005, 10:57

I guess you guys know that when you comment, I get a copy of the comment in my email.  It makes it easier to catch junky stupid spam comments for one thing, but also gives me a chance to read your comments asap.

Today I got to read this one from Maggie and I really liked it:

It is thanks to this web site that I quit.  I was disgusted with myself for failing at previous attempts, and was searching the web for helpful information when I found this site.  One of the posters recommended the Rational Recovery site, so I went there, did the exercises, and just quit.  I don't know if it works for everyone, but it really opened my eyes to the whole process of how addiction seems to work in my brain.  It's been six months since I quit, and truthfully, I don't miss it at all, don't even mind if the whole room is drinking except for me.  It's wonderful to wake up in the morning clear-headed.  Plus, I magically lost 20 pounds.  Thanks for this site, it was a godsend.

I haven't had any alcohol since the last post which I believe was February 9th.  Not a long time, but I'm glad I've managed it.  Also, I really appreciated the comment  from Tom that led me to the forums -- very awesome way to keep from drinking.  I think they are the best.  Check it out:

When I knew I needed to quit drinking once and for all, I Googled "Quit drinking" and ended up here. I posted a few times on this blog and someone on here suggested that I go into the forum and check it out. ("A place to talk about it" at the top of the page)So I did. I'm breaking my addiction to alcohol (it's been 130 days since I've drank), but now am addicted to this forum. :) So many wonderful people in there just like myself that are finding just how great life can be, when you don't have your head in the bottle. Maybe this blog is seeming a little neglected these days, because people are going to the forum that I finally found. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do. Go in as a guest and do some reading. Pretty cool stuff indeed. Halley, come in and say hello to everyone, we'd be delighted.

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by Halley Suitt

Okay, Guys, Dish!

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Wed, 09 Feb 2005, 10:40

I hate to see this little blog get ignored.  I wanted to ask everyone where they were at in their "no drinking" process and kick start the blog with some new info.

Two very good friends of mine completely stopped drinking this year and I see them working hard to keep clean and clear.   They inspire me.

I've stopped being so strict myself.   I've gotten more "relaxed" about drinking ... I actually don't recall when I blogged last about this here and if this is news or not, but I am drinking a bit.   I drink wine with dinner or a party now and then ... maybe once a week?   

Still, it does result in me being a lot more foggy and slow to get up the next morning to exercise, so I've decided to quit it once for all.   It doesn't seem worth it.

I want to retrain my response to fatigue and stress.  If I feel stressed and think, "Jeez, I really need to relax,"  I want my response to be reaching for my yoga tape or turning  the doorknob to go out for a walk, or even blogging here, instead of drinking anything alcoholic.

So ... who else wants to give us an update? 

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