by Halley Suitt

Just Some Housekeeping

Mon, 05 Sep 2005, 06:49

There's been tons of moronic spam in the comments here lately -- sorry.  Working on getting rid of it.




Sep 11, 2005 4:53:44 AM
1 - SteveB

Just stumbled on to you blog, and it is refreshing to read, I would like to stop here a while and read and learn, as I too would like to put drink firmly in the coffin, as I feel I have been a slave to it for too long.

Nov 20, 2005 10:19:12 AM
2 - E.

The husband and I woke up with horrible hangovers and I just dumped all of our alcohol down the sink. I'll be back for support! Glad you're here!

Jan 23, 2006 10:54:20 PM
3 - Cool Hand Luke

I have a blog as well and was having problems with spammers. I see that you activated "Word Verification" This option eliminated spam on my site. Best of luck!

Cool Hand Luke

Mar 7, 2006 3:02:04 AM
4 - jj

Real pity this site isn't updates more often!

Apr 12, 2006 7:37:15 PM
5 - mike

My Dad is a drunk! Check out my website:



Apr 12, 2006 7:39:19 PM
6 - Mike

Sorry...its Mike again...
I just wanted to make sure EVERYONE saw my website of my drunken dad.

Thanks again

Sober Mike

Sep 12, 2006 10:04:08 AM
7 - Dorbi
Oct 2, 2006 8:49:42 AM
8 - Mary

I haven't gotten drunk in 15 months. I haven't had a drink in three weeks. Not going out has helped. However, I am sure there will be some tough challenging baited paths ahead. Especially with the holidays around the corner. Last year, June 18th I got a DWI. I was pretty angry and upset when it happen, but now I look back- I'm grateful. I was drinking and driving all the time. I would drink to the point where people wouldn't understand my speach, yet they always let me drive. They say friends don't let friends drive drunk. Newsflash, most friends who are drinking as well don't give a hoot. That night, the only thing I remember is getting pulled over, all else is a blur. I woke up and I was throwing up, not sure if it was from the alcohol or the stress. I didn't leave my house other than to go to work for five months. I was so depressed. I lost my license, I incurred over $17,000.00 in fines and my auto insurance went up to 3800.00 a year. I'm in debt, my savings is gone, completely. But hey, I'm alive. I look in the mirror and I hate who I see. I want to change it all, but when you are broke and in debt to the state, it's very very hard. At 38 years old, I often look back and reminise to the fun party times- I was always the drunk one. I was the fun one. So I thought. Now that I am sober, I guess I'm not as fun anymore, to others anyway. There are days when I could care less if I am here or gone, because I feel what would it really matter ... I try and repeat, there are brighter days ahead. I'm not seeing them right now- it's something I'm battling a lone. This lonely path that no one understands.

Oct 8, 2006 12:51:43 PM
9 - tina

I am 64 f, i have just decided to stop drinking.Not because i argue or fight,or the money it costs. just beacause i am fed up seeing a glass in my hand.Twenty odd years of beer and sadness.
I don't suppose we can blame our passed for it, but i do.This is my first day today of a night without beer,because that is the only time i drink is at night.So i will come back to this site and read it again just to get some help into my head.>>>>>>>>>.. tina

Oct 9, 2006 1:01:27 PM
10 - tina

i,m doing this to remind my self,not had a beer since sat three days and im feeling good about it.

Nov 14, 2006 7:09:24 AM
11 - veronica

I was on this site about a week and a half ago and managed to stay clean for about four days. I regretfully went on a drinking spree last night and woke up feeling like I was hit by a semi, and worse like a failure to myself and my boyfriend. I need to find some self control and a way to turn down drinking.. Help, Veronica

Nov 14, 2006 11:23:15 PM
12 - G

I haven't had a drink for 8 days and I have drank at least 4-5 nights a week quite heavily for the last 9 years. I am 32 years old. Last Sunday I drank half a bottle of whiskey and cheated on my boyfriend (just another in the long line of embarrassing, sexually promiscuous situations that alcohol has made easier). Here's the thing. I am shocked at how easy it's been so far. I am wondering if this is sort of a denial stage and that it will get harder. Has anyone had experience with this? On Sunday, I got so physically and emotionally ill by what I had done to myself and I vowed to never lose control again. The next day, even though my relationship with a man that I love was in shambles, I felt more hopeful than I could ever remember. I felt like quitting drink would solve all my problems. I am still in that mindset. Something feels a bit false about my state of mind. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this while trying to stop drinking. Forever seems so long. It's really difficult to imagine never having a glass of wine or a martini or anything. I am still wondering if I quit for a long time if I could eventually regulate my drinking (never have been able to before). I have only shared my resolve to quit drinking with a few friends and I don't want others to know because I think I am afraid that I will fail as I have time and time again

Jan 2, 2007 11:13:22 AM

Hey G,

If your drinking is leading you to embarrassing, sexually promiscuous situations, threatening your relationship with the man you love, and is not that diffecult to stop, then please wake up and stop :-)

Jan 3, 2007 4:36:48 AM

It is demonstrated everyday that millions of people can and do drink alcohol in moderation without any negative side effects. In fact, some research has shown that drinking wine in moderation, for example, can affect a person’s health in a positive manner. Regrettably, there are some people who, for one reason or another, cannot drink any type or amount of alcohol. The comments on this blog reinforce this message again and again: if alcohol has been destroying your health, your relationships, and your life, you must quit. Thank you to everyone who has had the courage to tell his or her story :-)

Jan 3, 2007 8:42:43 PM
15 - Bernard

I would just like to remind people who come to this blog, that a Forum grew out of this blog and is now in its third incarnation at
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