by Halley Suitt

Somebody Cares

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Thu, 12 May 2005, 05:19

I have been going to the awesome forums (see the link up there in the far left top corner) and finding so much support and help there.  (Thanks Tom for kicking my butt to visit.)

They make me know that somebody cares.

But how totally weird it is that it's really a bunch of software, strangers, a screen full of little letters of the alphabet, avatars and late night assurances that we can make it through, and it actually works.  How the hell does that work?!? 

It shouldn't work.  It's not real, is it?  Shouldn't real people -- my real friends and real family -- care MORE?  Shouldn't it be easier to talk to them?

Forget the shoulds.  It's not easier to talk to them.

And I don't mean to say anything against them.  It's just ... well, the forum is different.  You just go there and the people there GET IT.  They GET IT and GET YOU.  And you don't have to explain much.  You don't have to say why you're there. 

You're just there and everyone's glad to see you.  Not really SEE you, that is.  Listen to you.  Hear the tippy tappy of your fingers.   Oh, whatever! 

Come join us and you'll be glad to know somebody cares.  We do.  And we care for one another and that's a big deal.



Jun 1, 2005 11:38:22 AM

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Aug 28, 2005 2:28:32 AM
My Weblog

Link: We Quit Drinking: Somebody Cares. The old friends , and family usually don't understand what you are doing. Keep on keeping on, and you will find that doesn't make much difference after awhile.


May 14, 2005 2:17:02 PM
1 - eric

a lot of my real friends and family are still drinking, and many of them alcoholically (surprise!), and i don't talk to them too much about booze or quitting, for a number of reasons. oh sure, if anyone asks about my quitting i am always happy and willing to talk about it, but in general the kind of honest conversations about what alcohol is (a drug!) and how some people use it (me!) occurs in the context of recovery forums, be they AA meetings or online forums, or what have you.
i don't think that my "real" friends and family don't care. they are just not eager to talk about alcohol because either they don't have a problem and don't understand it or are grappling with the issue themselves and haven't reached a stage where they feel comfortable talking about it.

May 15, 2005 2:13:07 PM
2 - Pat

Ah yes, the forums. They have been a tremendous help, and a cyber coffee house to me. It is difficult for a Buddhist to embrace the tenets of AA, so online support and information, along with are my initial mechanisms to stop drinking, which I have done.

It's real.

May 25, 2005 7:16:47 PM
3 - Tom..

You're welcome (for hounding you). The forums have been a huge help for so many people, me included for sure. I'm almost at 8 months sober now and it's amazing how much better so many things in my life are now. Not just how i feel each day, but everything that i come into contact with. Whether it's at the office, or at home with my family, it's just so much more quality. Will I never ever drink again, I don't really know. But i'm not planning on it any time soon, life's too much better without booze. (not to mention that i've done enough drinking for one lifetime already). Glad to see you in there more, Halley, you're an awesome person to have around.

Take care, everyone.


May 27, 2005 4:30:46 PM

I totally agree that there is quality information and help on-line. The blog discussion format allows people to immediately and truthfully state what they feel and what they need.